zlp 630 hanging scaffolding zlp500 build clean suspend scaffold basket several scaffolding pendant electric

1Carico nominale500KG630KG800KG1000KG
2Platform Size5M6M7.5M7.5M
3Hoist Power1.5KW * 21.5KW * 21.8kw * 22.2KW * 2
4Hoist TypeLTD630 a TypeLTD630 a TypeLTD800 a typeLTD80 S type
5Voltage/Frequency/Phase380V/220V/415V,50HZ/60HZ,3Phse/Single Phase
6Blocco di sicurezzaAnti tiling LSB30
8Wire Rope8.3MM8.3MM8.3/9.1MM8.6MM

Il modello si adatta perfettamente a applicazioni leggere come la verniciatura e la decorazione, la ristrutturazione, la giunzione e la riparazione, la pulizia di finestre ecc. Il sistema completo è costituito dalla piattaforma di lavoro dotata di due paranchi elettrici LTD e le ruote di supporto, sospese mediante funi d'acciaio da una struttura di sospensione.

Applicazione della piattaforma sospesa:
1.Decorating and constructing the external walls of high rise buildings.
2.Repairing, checking, maintenance and cleaning for the external walls of the high rise buildings.
3.Construction, repairing and maintenance for large scale projects such as large tanks,chimneys,
dams & bridges.
4.Welding, cleaning and painting for large ships.
5.Installing billboard for the high- rise buildings.

ZLP1000 suspended platform is a popular model of our products. ZLP1000 suspended work platform, also known as gondola lift for building, is a common temporary lifting equipment in construction projects. It’s convenient and safe to work at heights with the gondola.

Our company has a wide range of suspended platforms, including ZLP250 single person suspended platform, ZLP500 electric cradle, ZLP630 hanging work platform, ZLP800 construction gondola, ZLP1000 suspended platform, and non-standard gondolas customization according to customers’ need. We can produce gondola lift in different specifications at the same time to meet market demands.