CE approved best price electric suspended platform gondola

Warranty1 Year
Servizio post-venditaOnline technical support
Project Solution Capabilitygraphic design, total solution for projects, Others
Applicazioneoutdoors, building maintenance/cleaning/painting
Design StyleIndustrial
Place of Originwuxi, China
Brand NameSuccess
Numero di modellozlp500/zlp630/zlp800/zlp1000
Materialegalvanized/aluminium/painted steel
CertificateCE and ISO
Carico nominale500KG/630KG/800KG
Electric Motor Power1.5KW/1.8KW/2.2KW
Lunghezza della piattaformamodular design,adjusted according to your needs
Altezza di sollevamentoStandard 100m
Blocco di sicurezzaLSA30
Driving methodElectric Power

The ZLP series platform is driven by electric hoist and wire rope, running against the building facade while the suspension mechanism was erected on buildings or structures.


What is Gondola?
Gondola is mainly composed by suspension mechanism,hoist,safety lock,electric control box,working platform.Its structure is reasonable and easy to operate.It can be assembly and disassembly accroding to the actual needs.The suspended platform is mainly used for refurbishment,decoration,cleaning and maintenance of high construction building.

Where is Gondola used for?
1. manutenzione e pulizia degli edifici alti.
2. ispezione e manutenzione di grandi serbatoi, camini, dighe, ponti e derrick di grandi dimensioni.
3. Saldatura, pulizia e verniciatura di navi di grandi dimensioni.

È facile da usare, flessibile per lo spostamento, affidabile nella sicurezza. Può sostituire l'impalcatura di costruzione, migliorare l'efficienza e risparmiare sui costi.

ZLP250/ZLP630/ZLP800/ZLP1000 Suspended Platform
ZLP series Temporarily installed suspended access equipment developed and produced by Gohigher Company which is an electric climbing type decoration machine, which is mainly applied to the external wall construction, decoration, cleaning and maintenance of high-rise and multi-storey buildings. It can also be applied to elevator installation, large tanks, bridges, dams and other engineering operations.
With famous brand of motor, large braking torque
Inside gear technique (machining-heat treatment-fine machining-surface nitridation-fine grinding), high precision, long services life.
Lubrication oil is 220# industry gear oil.
Safety lock:
Il cilindro della serratura utilizza acciaio inossidabile speciale, con forte resistenza agli urti, maggiore tenacità, resistenza all'usura, lunga durata, sicuro e affidabile.
Electric control box:
The electric components uses famous brand,CHNT,SCHNEIDER,quality is guaranteed.
Perfect circuit design,including leakage protection, current overload protection, emergency braking. Operate simply, safe and reliable.